There are a lot of marketing terms to keep track of in the digital age such as search engine marketing, social media optimization and search engine optimization, which can make it more difficult to understand. Knowing some basics of digital marketing and search engines can help you more effectively build your campaigns.

What Is It?

Search Engine Marketing is a paid commercial on platforms such as Google, Bing and Yahoo where your advertisement is placed in one of the top results for the keywords you specify. This is sometimes called pay-per-click, paid advertising or paid search ads and leverages the power of search engines to bring your message directly to those searching for it.

How Does It Compare to SEO and SMO?

SEM works on search engine platforms whereas Social Media Optimization works on social media platforms. With SMO, the platforms are gathering data on users and then displaying paid advertisements which corresponds to that data. Social media users will not usually type in a search and find your advertisements like they will on a search engine.

Search Engine Optimization works with Search Engine Marketing but takes place on your website instead of the search platform. With SEO, you are updating your website with relevant content and links to raise your ranking. Search engines use web crawlers to gather information on sites, such as loading speed, customer interactions and relevant content, which is then fed into an algorithm. SEO can also help you win bids for ad space on the results list by ensuring that your website meets the search engine’s criteria.

How Can You Use It?

The best way to use Search Engine Marketing is to incorporate it into an overall digital marketing and optimization campaign. For instance, if your website is slow to load and customers are quick to click away, then you will likely fail in your bid for ad space. By optimizing your website for search engines and customer retention, you will have a better success in your ad campaign. Your marketing team will also see better results by purchasing ad space on multiple platforms and reaching a wider audience.

The more types of marketing you can do, the better your business does, and one of the main advantages of digital marketing is that it includes a link to your website in the advertisement and directs traffic to you more immediately than print, radio, or television. SEM, SEO, and SMO often work together to give you more success in your marketing campaigns. Since they often build off each other, you can find that the work you put into one will make implementing the others easier.