Few things play as vital a role in business growth as marketing does and in the Information Age, this means digital marketing as well as traditional avenues. To see how this marketing can spur the growth of your business you will need to look at the definition of the term, how your company size influences the process and how to use and track campaigns.

Digital Marketing Definition

Digital marketing is any campaign which involves the use of an electronic device or the internet and can include sponsoring ads on websites, buying space on search engine results lists or on social media platforms, and even connecting with industry influencers through their spaces. These ads can be in the form of static graphics or videos with clickable links and calls to action, or in the form of a sponsored influencer post or video. Most of the time, working with an influencer is called a partnership, but some platforms require individuals to label these collaborations as sponsored.

Company Size

The main reason why digital marketing is a good tool for business growth is that the size of your company does not matter as much as the effort put into the campaign and how natural it feels. Having a solid and simple marketing strategy does not require a dedicated team with a huge budget, but it does require setting aside time each day to work on it. Most of the digital promotion you can do for your brand is free through interactions with customers on social media platforms, but you can pay to promote posts, place ads and sponsor content if your budget allows.

Tracking and Use

The best and easiest way to track digital advertisements is by converting casual visitors to lifelong customers through newsletter subscription numbers and sales. You can offer incentives to customers for referrals, to follow your social media accounts and to interact with those accounts. For instance, offering a contest for free products or services through your social media accounts will direct customers to those accounts. Having contestants like the post and tag a friend in the comments to enter is asking for referrals; and, those tagged comments and likes count as interactions which social media algorithms use to put your page more prominently in the feeds of followers.

Business growth can come from many avenues, but digital marketing is one of the most effective. Not only does taking your ad campaign online reach a wider audience, but you can start as small as your business is with a free social media account and build it up as you grow.