There are a lot of terms that you need to have a working knowledge of to take your company to digital success and it can be a long and confusing process without expert help. Search engine optimization and backlinking, for example, are important parts of making sure that your website is displayed on the first page of search results for relevant keywords and understanding some of the basics of these terms can help you see why.


Search engine optimization is the process of including the things a search engine AI looks for when gathering information and ranking pages on your website. This is accomplished by publishing high-quality content on your site such as informational blog posts, valuable visuals like pictures and graphics on your pages and backlinks from trustworthy sites.

Backlinks are incoming links or those which direct traffic to your site from another one. These are looked at as a measure of authority, expertise and trustworthiness on your part because you are being referenced by another in such a capacity.


Backlinking is usually accomplished using an anchor text, which is a highlighted word or phrase embedded with a hyperlink. When the anchor text is clicked on, the user is redirected to your website for more information. Since these are seen as referencing an authority with trustworthy expertise on the linked subject and another site can vouch for the accuracy of the information, they rank high in search engine algorithms. These backlinks can also be important avenues for generating traffic because users interested in the linked information are likely to visit your website and stay a while.


When tracking your backlinks, it is important to look at the quantity, quality and diversity. You can find many free online tools to help you gather this information as well as paid subscriptions with more options for analytics such as the trustworthiness of the links. Having more backlinks is a good thing, but only if they are from quality and diverse domains. The quality of the link and domain depends on how high in the content the anchor text is, how many total links the article has in it and whether the site publishing the article is seen as trustworthy.

Backlinking is a valuable tool for raising your ranking in search engine results lists because these links tell the algorithms that you are a valuable source. The anchor text itself can also direct traffic to your site and the increased number of visitors will raise your ranking further. You can find free tools and online subscription services to track and evaluate your links.